Officers & Committee Chairs

President: David Bouchein

Vice-President:  Jerry Martin

Secretary/Treasurer: Bob Fox

Asst. Exec. Secretary:  John Remelius III

Asst. Treasurer:   Mary Ann Simon

Investment Committee Chair:

    David  Bouchein

Frederick Bouchein Library and Archives Committee Chair:

    Jerry Martin

​Assets Committee Chair:


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Board of Directors

Terms expiring May, 2019:

  Jerry Martin

  Bob Fox

​  Richard Fernandez

  Joan Perdue

Terms expiring May, 2020:

  John Remelius I

  John Remelius III (JR)

  Jim Sahaida

  Mary Sematter

Terms expiring May 2021:

  David Bouchein

  Mary Ann Simon

​  Esley Hamilton  

  Bee Parsons

​​​​​Carondelet Historical Society

Information & Documents

Incorporated February 17th, 1967 as a nonprofit, 501 (c)(3) organization.

The meetings of the CHS Board of Directors are held on the second Saturday of each month at 10:30 am in the Museum's Board Room. The meetings are open to anyone wishing to attend.

To view a copy of the Carondelet Historical Society By-Laws, click here.

    NB: Any part of the By-Laws that appears in red is a proposed amendment which has not yet been ratified by the Board.

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