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​The Mother of Kindergarten died and is buried in Bellefontaine Cemetery in North St. Louis

Susan was ready to start a kindergarten in St. Louis

Dr. William Harris, who was the Superintendent of Schools, was also receptive to this idea

On the first Monday in September, the kindergarten opened in Room Four of the Des Peres School with 42 students

Susan taught few children, mainly teaching women from all over the country how to be kindergarten teachers

She never received pay for her work with the Kindergarten system and she never married as her father would not approve of her friend, Major William Coyle

The Kindergarten system in St. Louis grew from one school in 1873 to over eighty schools by 1904

Susan wrote five books and numerous papers on Froebel's methods and lectured all over the Country


Carondelet Historical Society

Born in St. Louis on

June 7, eldest daughter of Henry and Minerva Blow, a wealthy merchant and statesman

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Susan Blow

Traveling in Europe with family, she learned about the Friedrich Froebel kindergarten movement





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